There is a place I call home. I am who I am because of it. It defines me and it shaped me. I didn’t make it, it made me. It is in my mind, bones, blood and breath. I didn’t choose it, it chose me. It is a flame burning inside me. Its people are mine and I am theirs. The place is called Sakila!

Sakila is the fabulous village that lies between Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Its here where my African roots, custom and togetherness began. Its a village I’m proud to call home. It loves me and I love it in return! The village is made predominately of the Meru tribe. It is beautiful, has friendly people, and is a good place for hiking. My village is easy to access from main road and it is the best place for interacting with the Meru tribe.

When I was there last year, there were things I left behind in America. Among those left behind were my electronic gadgets and western life style. The reason I did this is because I didn’t want the westerner’s “stuff” to distract me. I didn’t want to look different but to be the same person who left years before and continue to embrace my African heritage. I couldn't wait to get there and was eager to have effusive greetings with my fellow Africans.

Effusive greetings are important in the Meru tribe. We Wameru, introduce almost every conversation by enquiring about each other’s health and well being. After all this, one then moves on to the reason for the conversation. This is how typical African societies approach one another. The cheerful response you get brings life and smiles to your face. Yes indeed, I deeply LOVE my home!