Mount Kilimanjaro / Mount Meru

Mount Kilimanjaro stands at 19, 344 feet and boasts the highest summit in Africa. It was first conquered in 1889 by a trio of explorers. Getting to the summit involves one of the most beautiful treks on Earth. You must first endure a long and demanding 45 mile climb through five different climatic zones: a humid, muddy rain forest, a heath, a grassy moorland, an alpine desert, and the windswept and bitter cold arctic region.

Kilimanjaro consists of three summits; to the west Shira plateau, to the east Mawenzi peak, and between the two is the 5,895 meter high snow capped summit of Kibo. There are several ways to reach the top; Marangu route (to the west) is the most popular, Machame (to the west), Umbwe and Mweka (to the south) are more demanding.