Things Tanzania is known for

Part Eleven: Mount Meru (Alt. 4,565 meters)

Mount Meru is located in Arusha national park in northern Tanzania. This mountain has never gained its rightful place as a major tourist attraction in Tanzania. However, to anyone visiting Arusha, the jagged profile of this grand volcano, rising from its densely forested flanks, sends a fascinating and challenging call.

The climb up Mt. Meru is not a difficult or technical one, but the altitude may affect some people. For the 3-4 days invested in the trek, Mt. Meru yields an rich abundance of scenery, wildlife, flowers and geology. Whether its a warm-up for a Kilimanjaro climb, a weekend trip for Arusha residents, or part of an extended visit to the various national parks around Arusha, Mt. Meru rewards it’s visitors!