Part Eight: Man and Wildlife in one place.
In this moment of my life and in what I do, I can be characterized by three words: caring, passionate, and loving. I want my voice to be heard particularly about how I feel about those three words. I care so much for my country and it’s people. I am very passionate about wanting others to be able to experience the amazing country I know and love. I also love what I do. Sharing the Tanzanian experience with the world has always been my dream and now I’m living it. I blog because I’m passionate about Africa, Tanzania in particular.

I was amazed by one place while I was in Tanzania in 2010. The place maintains a historic balance of people and nature in a way that has not been possible in many other parts of Africa. It is the place where 25,000 animals live throughout the year. In this place you will find the Maasai and wildlife living together without harm or destroying each other’s habitats. This place is called Ngongorongoro Conservation Area. Ngorongoro contains part of the Serengeti plains to the north-west. It is a very interesting place you don’t want to miss while on safari. I would highly recommend that you add Ngorongoro Crater to your safari itinerary if you intend to visit Tanzania.