What is it?
Bagamoyo is the oldest town in Tanzania and one of its most attractive sites. It is an important cultural heritage site for Tanzania, famous for its slave and ivory trade. What does its name mean? Bagamoyo is said to mean ‘Here I lay down my heart’. It is home to the most famous art college in Tanzania, Chuo Cha Sanaa. Students from all over the world attend this art institute to learn traditional Tanzanian drumming, sculpture, carving and painting. Where is it? Located 70 km (45 miles) north of Dar Es Salaam. When is the best time to go there? During the dry season, June-October and January-February, is the best time to visit. You can relax on its white sandy beaches with the crystalline blue water of the Indian Ocean lapping on the shore. Walk around down town to see the historical buildings and the architecture that has been influenced by its Arab and Indian traders.