Things Tanzania is known for

Part Ten: Selous Game Reserve

* The largest African reserve is crossed by the Rufiji River and its tributaries which form a network of lakes ideal for boat safaris. Wildlife observation and bird watching (350 catalogued species) takes place in a superb natural setting. The land varies from rolling savannah to woodland, grassland plains and rocky outcrops cut by the rivers of Rufiji, Kilombero and Luwegu. The waters of Kilombero Game Controlled Area are home to the ferocious tiger fish and vundu catfish, the latter equipped with a set of lungs that allows it to migrate from one land locked pool to another.

*To do: Walking safari with a ranger and 4 wheel drive safaris. A trip to Stiegler's Gorge where the Rufiji and Ruaha rivers meet. A fishing trip on the Tagalala Lake. Do not miss: Wait patiently by the watering-holes and you will be rewarded by herds of elephants and buffaloes and dens of lions. Appreciate the sunset against beautiful landscapes. It's time to sit back, enjoy your "safari" and sip the local beer.