Tanzania is one country that once introduced, will draw your attention. It is here that the meaning of the word “safari” becomes a reality. It is also here that you can spot the big five and be introduced to a true African lifestyle. When I first arrived in America, I thought the country which is home to famous national parks, game reserves and the highest mountain in Africa (Mt. Kilimanjaro), would be more known than any other country in East Africa. Sadly, its not. The passion and patriotism I have for my country has drawn me to blog about it. My next blog project will be things Tanzania is know for.

Part One - Political Stability
Everyone has concerns regarding safety when it comes to traveling. Often, people ask me if it is safe to travel in Tanzania. Let me tell you that Africa is formed by 54 countries and Tanzania is one of the most peaceful and politically stable countries on the continent. I would highly recommend that you add Tanzania to your list of countries to visit. Tanzania offers a variety of experiences for everyone, first time visitors as well as returning travelers.